Nick Dunbar (tree assessor) climbing into a tropical tree canopy


Nick Dunbar of The Whole Tree Company has enjoyed a wide range of roles within arboriculture, giving him great perspective and insight into the industry, including:
  • Botanical Arborist at the University of Oxford’s Harcourt Arboretum
  • Commercial tree surgery
  • City & Guilds and National Proficiency Test Council trainer and assessor
  • Assistant arboricultural consultant
  • LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) inspector

…all leading to the creation of The Whole Tree Company in 2006.

Nick prioritises the development of enduring relationships with his clients and their trees. Long-term familiarity of trees (from individuals to large populations) and their health has proven to result in the most fitting management recommendations.
His work is enhanced by an Oxford University Undergraduate Diploma in Environmental Conservation, which has led to him working closely with many ecologists. While botanical, reptile and large mammal surveys have been a part of this, the great majority has involved climbing inspections of both trees and buildings for potential bat roosting features.
Industrial rope access
Industrial rope access
Following his love not only for trees but also for climbing in general, Nick has also pursued a successful career in industrial rope access and until recently he operated as an IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) Level 3. This supervisory level allowed him to plan, carry out and supervise teams working at height both onshore and offshore in diverse roles and locations around the world.
The combination of all of the above lead to Nick being invited to work on numerous scientific and filming expeditions with a focus on tropical rainforest canopies, particularly those in North, Central and West Africa, Borneo and Central America.
Nick Dunbar tree house construction
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