Church tree for inspection in Buckinghamshire


The Whole Tree Company carries out cost-effective independent tree surveys in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire, helping managers and owners of tree populations meet their duty of care whilst respecting the vital role trees play in our everyday environment.

Tree surveyor offering tree surveys in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
As an Oxford based specialist tree surveyor who doesn’t carry out practical work myself, my advice is completely impartial; if your trees don’t need work, I won’t recommend it.
My primary aim is to help you maintain your trees safely as a crucial part of our world.
This holistic approach takes the great value of trees into account as part of a risk management strategy.
Independent tree surveys in Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire tree surveyor climbing  a tall tree
Regular tree surveys can avoid expensive build-up of issues by identifying potential problems well in advance and recommending prioritised remedial action.
  • Detailed condition assessment and risk evaluation of your tree population
  • Assessing any threats posed both by and to your trees
  • Identification of issues and risk features
  • Accurate customisable maps (including web mapping)
  • Recommendations for any action to be taken
  • Prioritised remedial work to meet relative urgency and any budgetary constraints
  • Development of a holistic risk management strategy
Cost-effectively managing your tree population
Tree surveys in Buckinghamshire
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